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About Us

Lots of senior leaders across the globe have come through Graduate Programs. Some have even become Heads of Organizations. We're on the lookout for more people like them.

You might not want to be a Head, but if you've got the drive, and raw talent, we'll give you the foundations to kick start your career in a leadership role with us.


What We Look For

You must:

And on top of that, Have:

Our Organisation revolves around people, our internal customers, our colleagues, and our partners. It's crucial to Reyada that we all keep our promises.

True leaders know how to inspire people, support their team and make sound decisions. So we'll also be looking for signs of inner strength, confidence and good judgement.

Team spirit
Teamwork is part of everyday life at Reyada. So you'll need to be able to get along and work really well with other people - whatever your role.

You could be dealing with customers, partners, or colleagues. Whatever you're doing you'll need to be great at making complex information clear.

The projects you'll be working on will be complicated. You'll need a lot of self-discipline to do well. You'll have to learn on the job, and meet tight deadlines.

At Reyada we need new ideas to stay fresh. We're looking for people with the imagination to help us keep evolving.

If your heart isn't in this, we're not the Organisation for you. We're looking for people who relish a challenge, and believe in being the best at whatever they do.