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How it Works

How do we do that?

First of all you'll be in a real role, with responsibility from day one - not just sitting in a classroom. We think it's the best way for you to develop the skills and experience you need. You will rotate in different Organizations throughout your 2 years, and the final year, you will be placed in one Organization.

Second, there's our Management Development Program which gives you a toolkit to build your leadership and Management skills.

And third, you'll have a mentor to support you all the way.


What We Offer:

Defined Career Path
At the end of your second year in the program, depending upon your performance, you will be placed in a management position within one of the Sharjah organizations.

Salary Whilst Training
Not only do we invest in your training and development, we will also give you a monthly salary, equivalent to a fresh graduate within Sharjah Government.

Training and Development
We'll give you the chance to take control of your own career. It's up to you to decide where and how far you go. But we'll also give you all the support you need to get there - whether it's training, career advice or encouragement.

It starts on day one, with your induction. This is your chance to get a better idea of who we are, what we're trying to achieve as an Organisation, and where you could fit in.

Then the real training starts: approximately 30 days of formal courses in total each year. This isn't just training for training's sake. It's been designed to give you the skills you'll need to get ahead in the Sharjah organizations.

Here are a few examples of the types of courses you can expect to take while you're on the program:

Core Induction
A general introduction to life at Sharjah organizations. Our graduate program, our Organization and our plans for the future.

Leadership Skills
Develop the skills you need to be a leader.

Management Skills
Learn the basic skills of managing people.

Financial Awareness
Get an insight into the financial side of our Organisation. Learn about balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and how to financially manage non profit Organizations.