• Registration period

    Candidates who would like to apply to enroll on thati program must apply online The registration will start from February to May
  • Interview start

    Upon completion of the application form, candidates should wait to receive an invitation from THATI team, regarding the personal interview
  • Assessment Test

    Candidates who will be selected for the second assessment will receive an invitation for assessment test
  • Skills assessment

    Selected candidates will be invited for the final assessment to evaluate their skills
  • Orientation day

    New interns will be welcomed to HHEO during an orientation designed to ready them for their new career life. They will be given an overview of THATI program as well as will know about the human resource rules and regulation. They will have networking session with alumni and current interns to know more about THATI program.
  • Program start

    The program will start on Sunday 1st of Sep 2019