Building Leaders of the Future from Young National Talents.


Attracting distinguished university and college graduates and qualifying them for leadership roles in the work environment with basic skills to deal with confidence with the challenges and requirements of the labour market


Providing the program’s trainees with the support to discover themselves and their professional abilities.


Shaikha Yaqoob Al Hosani

As I look back at myself before joining THATI Program, I remember how I was confused with no clear goal towards my desired career. The opportunity of experiencing different fields and working with variety of people which was granted to me through THATI, provided me with inspiration on which dream to pursue.
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Noura Al Jarwan

The main challenge was that I take time to mingle with a new team and use to the new environment, new people, and new challenges each placement.
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Reem Khalid Al Hammadi

THATI program helped me networking, I have many connections who I can share ideas and knowledge with. Moreover, it gave me the opportunity to be part of many big events in Sharjah which is a thing I enjoy a lot.
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Ala AlShanasi

Being a Thati made me different than any other grade 4 employee. I have developed different habits, trained closely and improved my skills.
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Khairia Ghuloum Ali Al Maazmi

Throughout THATI Program, I was able to develop myself, build a big circle of communication with other employees from different entities and enhance my skills.
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