Abdallah Murad

Senior Finance and HR Coordinator
The Excusive office of HH Shaikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi

“During THATI program I faced many challenges. One of these challenges is I been requested to work in a role that I feel is not in line with my talents. When I complained I got a response from program adviser “like what you do, to find out what you like”. They encourage me to do different jobs which led to change my view and to look out in a positive side in order to find out what I like. As a result, I got valuable experience in filed that is not related to my major.

THATI has many attraction features that attract its participators. The most feature that I liked in this program is “meeting with leader”. Every quarter we had a chance to meet a leader who can be a successful business man or a person in high managerial level in both government or private sectors. Leaders share their work and personal experience. It was very helpful to my career and personal life.

After completing THATI program I can see clearly the improvement that I got in both individual and professional fields. I am proud to be one of THATI Program alumni and I would like to advise a new THATI participants: First advise is, try your best to accept any task that your manager or your collogues will give you and avoid saying I don’t know. So you have to search and ask, then you will know. Also, ask for extra or new tasks if possible to learn more. Another advice is, knowledge is very important so read and search to gain several skills, which will allow you to do variety tasks. ”