Shahad Khalid AlHammadi

Senior Executive - Projects Research & Documentation
NAMA - Irthi contemporary crafts council

“THATI Academy supports you to explore your skills to shape your future career to utilize your capabilities. 

​Altering my mindset to be able to adapt in any location and work with people from different backgrounds. 

The program gave me an opportunity to explore the job market, work in various departments to understand myself, and know which career path is suitable for my skills.   Be open to changes and difficulties that could turn into opportunities for you

It’s best to try and learn from various places and experiences to be equipped enough for the future in order to create your career path. 

Empowering one another create a community of strong leaders supporting one another. 

You can always get to do what you love when you start loving what you do. 

Life favors the brave. 
“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what can you do for your country” John-F.-Kennedy. ”