Noura Al Jarwan

Corporate Relation and Sponsorship Assistant Manager
Sharjah Ladies Club

“The main challenge was that I take time to mingle with a new team and use to the new environment, new people, and new challenges each placement. On the other hand, the program was a rotation from a placement to another where I had to overcome this challenge, plus having more experience and good feedback from other sister organization allowed me to move to the next placement with more confident.
The program opened different doors for the trainee to know more about different positions/department, with trying each were I could choose where I can see myself more, then I decide the most appropriate offer, being offered more than one offer for each trainee is one of the advantage that THATI trainee get.
My always tip that I share it with the new participants that the way is not easy but it deserves, here where each one should focus on the result that he/she will get at the end of the program, this will motivate him/her to overcome any challenges.
Tip #2 builds a good connection with the organization and its staff, it will help you after the program and will give you strong database.”