Abdalla Yousif

Head of Strategy Department
The Big Heart Foundation

“Upon joining the THATI program, I had little experience in working across departments on large scale projects that needed coordination and collaboration of multiple colleagues. The program is designed to help trainees adjust to different roles and functions, constantly challenging them to work outside their comfort zone and ensuring that their targeted areas of improvement are taken into account with every role and task they are assigned to. In my different THATI placements, I was consistently placed in roles that forced me to work closely with multiple colleagues. I was trusted with coordination tasks that helped develop different professional and managerial skills I had lacked prior to joining the program.

Customized training programs. Each THATI trainee is assessed multiple times prior to and during their THATI career. The assessments, along with feedback from the trainee and Line Managers, is used to customize training programs that assist in the development of a multitude of competencies in each trainee.

1. Always try to achieve more than what others expect of you.
As a trainee who joins an organization on a short term basis, you might not always have the full trust of your managers and colleagues upon starting a new placement. You should always try to impress, and do it as soon into your placement as possible.

2. Look at the big picture, and be proactive.
Simply doing the tasks you are assigned should not be good enough if you are a THATI Trainee. Try to understand how the role, department, or organization you join can be improved, and use the short time you have in your different placements to leave a lasting impact. Proposing new -well thought and planned- ideas might not be part of your job description, but it is what differentiates THATI trainees and graduates from the rest.”