THATI Programme Trainees Learn from Leader At Supreme Council For Family Affairs

The Graduate Mentorship Programme (THATI) at Reyada Training Centre hosted Salha Obeid Ghabesh, Director General of the Cultural and Media Office at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, to share her personal and professional experiences with the program’s trainees.

The event took place on Thursday and is part of the “Meeting with Leader” initiative which gives the programme’s trainees a chance to meet with a head or director of Sharjah’s organisations, to learn from their experiences and to encourage them to become leaders and serve their society.

The Reyada Training Centre falls under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah and Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. The Reyada Training Centre seeks to train outstanding students to become future leaders by giving them a chance to meet with Sharjah’s leaders.

Salha Ghabesh expressed her thanks and appreciation for being selected to talk about her experience and said such meetings stimulate positivity and contribute to enriching life as well as benefiting trainees by providing them with advice and guidance.

Salha Ghabesh said: “Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi is well known for believing in her team, and each leader and official who deserves their post. Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi honours outstanding employees and recognizes their excellence because all entities and organisations operating under Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher’s patronage are following in the footsteps that Her Highness laid down over 30 years ago.

Ghabesh added: “In every task, there are difficulties facing employees, but the employee must develop problem solving skills to overcome challenges and obstacles at work. The employee should always be optimistic and feel that life is full of hope and good things are to come. You should not surrender or stop your journey no matter what difficulties you go through in life. Carry on until you achieve success and have full certainty that you will serve your society and reflect an honourable image of yourself and your organization.”

Ghabesh was asked by the trainees about her writing skills and she said: “Everyone has the right to write, because writing is a means of self-expression, and we can’t prevent anyone from exercising this skill. But at the same time, writing is based on certain criteria and foundations that are very important for the writer to know before they start on this path, because writing has core fundamental values that must be provided to the community.”

Ghabesh concluded her talk by urging trainees to think positively at work, as successful employees must accomplish and innovate in the workplace. She added that successful leaders must act as a brother to his employees while maintaining strong qualities, merits and skills.

Reyada, a government organization affiliated to the Executive Office of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, was established to identify, inspire and develop Emirati capital serving Sharjah. It aims to strengthen the contribution of Emirati citizens in Sharjah through the launch and implementation of academic, professional and cultural initiatives.

The THATI Program at Reyada Training Centre aims to attract outstanding graduates from universities and colleges and give them abilities to build their leadership and management skills by engaging them in a two-year mentorship programme. The aim is help them develop the necessary skills to qualify them to hold administrative and leadership positions in Sharjah’s organizations.